Berlin-Matt De Young

22 Jul

Having taken more German than any other student going on this trip, I thought I was totally prepared for what I would see in Berlin, but the reality is very different from that. Although I’ve learned a lot about German culture and language over the last few years I’ve definitely picked up a lot in just the first week of being here. For example, it’s common for a groom-to-be to raise money for his wedding by doing some odd things, such as selling eggs for people off the street to throw at him. That was definitely quite the sight on our first day in Germany. Berlin is such an amazing place, it’s a huge city but it feels small, and that makes it feel a little more like home for those of us that grew up in smaller towns. Plus the people here are amazing friendly and always willing to help, especially if you ask them in German. The first day was a little overwhelming, but after a while I started just absorbing the language and picking up subtle language skills that make me sound more like a native German and less like an American who just knows German. We have seen so much history and amazing buildings in Berlin I would take up more than my fair share of space describing them, but perhaps one of my favorites is the Berliner Dom, which is a massive Reformed church constructed in the style of a Catholic cathedral, with impressive statues and stained glass and a massive dome that is the crown of the whole building. Just getting to take a tour of the dome and walk around it outside and see the whole city was spectacular. There are so many amazing things about Berlin that I don’t have space to write about, so much good food and great things to see and even a few people who thought I was an actual German. Getting the chance to travel abroad and see another country and become immersed in another culture is so awesome, and I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten this opportunity. I’m learning new things everyday, and I can’t wait to see what the next couple weeks have in store.


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