Lucas Schreiber – Berlin 2012

23 Jul

Well my first impressions of Germany, specifically berlin was just like Chicago but without the need to have the tallest building in the world every 2 blocks. All that being said the place is growing on me. The cathedral called the “Berliner Dom” is truly a sight to behold and the broken down chapel isn’t a bad either. The food here is really quite good, but for the cost of it, and the beer is superb that I have tried all in all it is a fairly nice time here in Germany.
What didn’t I expect? That our Germany teacher would have a posche accent and that fact just is so wonderful I can’t even explain. In addition to that, the price of everything is more before the fact that the exchange rate is against us so this is going to need a lot of budgeting to last. Also I am eating a lot of pickles for some reason not that has anything to do with berlin just it is odd, SERIOUSLY though, posche accent it just so great.


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