Tori Thompson

23 Jul

Coming to Berlin has been absolutely amazing. Never really having seen pictures of the city, wandering around and exploring its extents is so exciting! The layout of the city is so abstract compared to Chicago (nearest large city to home for me). I was expecting tall skyscrapers and industrial exteriors, but instead found an average of six or seven stories, and the buildings are all unique! Every day I seem to find a new house or shop corner that I hadn’t noticed before and I love just staring at the details and designs.

It’s also fun to see the cultural differences between Germany and America in social aspects. Like how people don’t say ‘hi’ to strangers they don’t know but accidentally made eye contact with. A German isn’t going to ask to sit next to you on the bus, they paid for a ticket, so they’ll sit where they please. In public areas, Germans only speak as loud as is necessary, so going into the Mensa (cafeteria) I was shocked at how quiet it was compared to how filled the whole establishment was!

Of course, I must comment on the cars. They are beautiful! In America people get excited when they see an audi or BMW, but here, it’s a fair occasion to see a Ford!


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