Emma Camilleri – First Impressions

31 Jul

I have to admit before this trip I thought Berlin would be a hustling, bustling city like New York.  And although it is quite crowded at times, and quite busy, it also has a small town vibe to it.  With the old buildings and cathedrals everywhere, and little local places to eat, I found myself thinking of it as more of a small town at times.  And then we took the U-bahn (which is similar to a subway) and it immediately felt like a big city again.  I think both aspects of the city make it beautiful.  I have never seen any other city have two completely different sides to it like that.

I also tried German food and immediately loved it.  Even things we have in the US like ice cream seem different here.  Although it is all more expensive.  It appears as though the German people prefer high quality things even at a higher price.  It shows in their buildings too:  beautifully crafted, very old buildings.  Highly expensive to build, but high quality and still beautiful after years of wear and tear.

The German people are quite friendly, although not in the way we Americans consider friendly.  People on the street don’t smile as much because that is their culture.  They smile if something is funny, not simply if someone looks at them like we do in the US.  It is an adjustment.  The young people, however, are pretty much just like ours:  outgoing, funny, enjoy goofing around.  There were some high school students staying at our hotel from Bremen and they pretty much acted just like our group.

It has been a great experience so far to see the German culture.  My only complaint is that there are hardly any public bathrooms, and often the ones you do find cost 50 cents, or they have an attendant that requires at least a 20 cent tip.  I suppose for the sake of a beautiful city like Berlin, I can tolerate that. ❤


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