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Stephen Tubergen – Running in Berlin

1 Aug

Berlin reminds me of Chicago. Same big city kind-of feel, lots of cars and certian unmentionable smells. Needless to say not the worst place ever, but I find love in other places. One such place is called the Grunewald Forest. The forest is about two and a half miles away from our hostal and, being that I am on the Calvin Cross-Country Team, I run in, around, and through it every day racking up miles. The forest is rather large and there are hundrends of paths and different routes through it, that after many runs I have decided that one can run a different route through the forest every day for a whole year. However, even though the forest is large, there is a unique feeling about it. For example, at some parts I will see people running or walking their dogs (I have also decided that everyone in Berlin owns a dog), and yet at other parts I am completly secluded, away from all the hustle and bustle one finds in a city. When the solitude and tranquility begin to set in, I always happen to see a person off in the distance – either riding a bike or running down another path. One time, I even saw a person in a clearing off to the side of the path doing yoga. One of my most picturesque moments happened on one of my longer runs in which I ran across the forest and came to a rather large lake. The sun was just setting and the rays danced across the surface as the wind gently nudged the water into a rythmatic lull. I thought it was a beautiful sight.  However, as all good things have to come to an end I still had to run all the way back….it happens.